Event : copy paste participation!

On the transferability of methods, toolkits and other "good" participatory practices
International working session organised by Urban Species*.


As part of the closing of the p-lab** research and action project, dedicated to citizen participation in all its forms, we are pleased to invite you to SeeU on Friday 18 February 2022 from 2 pm.
For almost three days, from 16 to 18 February, researchers, artists, activists, facilitators, anthropologists, urban planners and other practitioners will have shared and exchanged their experiences, practices and knowledge in relation to the issues of replicability and transferability of innovative and alternative initiatives in the field of citizen participation. We invite you, on the 18th, to discover this work by exploring the ephemeral exhibition and by attending the round table.

Brussels - Espace SeeU
Building L
Pandora Room
entrance Avenue de la Couronne 227
1050 Brussels
Bus 95 and Trams 7 and 25
When will it take place?
Friday 18 February, from 14:00
- 14:00 - 14:30: opening to the public
- 14:30 : guided tour of the exhibition
- 15:30 : round table on the transferability of participatory practices
- 16:30 : closing drink
* Espèces Urbaines is a Brussels-based action-research collective that focuses on the urban environment and the different ways of participating in it. Espèces Urbaines brings together researchers in social sciences, urban planning and design from the ULB (LoUIsE & Grap) and the Luca School of Arts (Intermedia).
** The p-lab project "Identifying and amplifying new forms of urban participation. The pedestrianised city centre as a laboratory" is part of the Innoviris Anticipate 2018-2021 programme.

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